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Cutty Sark 2012

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

The most famous tea clipper in the world is back to her former glory.  A national treasure from our maritime history, it is a privilege to have her back in her Greenwich home.  Deja vu for the Queen who launches her tomorrow! We will be there to celebrate this key moment in Royal Greenwich’s history.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

 Art Angels turkey card


Turkey, Pudding, crackers and pies. We are counting  down to to Christmas day.


In Tower Bridge and Greenwich we will be holding our Christmas raffle on Wednesday 21st December. Radley again kindly donated prizes. Shop in the stores next week and this bag could be yours.


Holiday Hours.

Sunday 25th – Closed

Monday 26th – Closed

Tuesday 27th – Closed

Wednesday 28th – Greenwich Closed/ Tower Bridge - 11am -5pm

Thursday 29th - Greenwich and Tower Bridge - 11am -5pm

Friday 30th - Greenwich & Tower Bridge - 11am -5pm

Saturday 31st -  New Years Eve Greenwich & Tower Bridge 10 -4

Sunday 1st January – Closed

Monday 2 January - Greenwich Closed/ Tower Bridge - 11am -5pm

We know lots of you are away but we are around so please do join us in the post Christmas recovery and of course Winter Sale. Starts Thursday 29th with up to 50% discounts with all clothing included.

Last but not least a very sincere thanks to all of our customers. You  are second to none. In such harsh trading conditions you have made our job a pleasure throughout and we do still look forward to each day and yes lets hear it for 2012. We know of a few events lined up for Greenwich and London -saddle up and enjoy! x

Remembrance Sunday

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

In London and in respect. Let’s all enjoy our weekend whilst remembering those who have given so much.




The Poppy Appeal – supporting The Royal British Legion




Saturday Fireworks

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Blackheath firework display.Celebrating Guy Fawkes night  makes a visit to the  fireworks a must for all  Hide All folks living in South East London- any other recommendations?


Football at the Valley. Support‘Charlton Athletic’ say Mick and Pauline. ‘We’re having a cracker of a season. We’re top of the league’. It’s a 3pm kick off  with the mighty Preston North End. Well done Chrissy Powell.



NV candles in Hide All . This is a new brand and fireworks and fragance is the order of the day with this event. Do pop in for a smell -Saturday both stores burning our Christmas special of cognac and orange.


We’ve got stars in our eyes

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


This morning while preparing for the day ahead in Greenwich we discovered that the new stall outside is in fact a task for the newest series of The Apprentice. The stall is quite literally on our doorstep which we’re sure will keep Mick entertained all day. So if you want to pop down and have a sneak peek at the latest contestants come down to Hide All, the place where it’s all happening – is there a budding entrepreneur outside or are we talking celebrity…….

The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Clueless Londoner that I am, I didn’t realise that the Thames Festival had been running annually for the last 14 years, but apparently, it has. So it’s with quite some excitement that I discover that 10th and 11th September will host the 15th Mayors Thames Festival. I’m sure it’ll be quite an extravaganza, filled with all the vibrancy and diversity which London is famed for, and if I think anything of our Mayor, its that he probably knows how to put on quite a party. I’ll certainly be using my days off to have a nose around (apparently I’ve got 14 neglected years to make up for!)

Tower Bridge is hosting Alfresco Tango throughout Saturday, with lessons in the morning, performances in the afternoon and then DJs and dancing all through the night. I’m sure no less lively will be the various school choirs from across London performing on Sunday.

The parties don’t end there, there’s also a night-time carnival, a parade of boats both old and new and a music stage outside the Tate Modern. One thing that has to be seen is the Barge-Driving Races, in what must be a fantastically slow-pace affair, teams of up to 8 people row 30 ton barges 7 miles down river for about 90 minutes.

Fabulous Friday

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

It’s the Royal Wedding this Friday. Good luck to the happy couple on their special day. Hide All stores are closed for the day because well some of us just want to join in the celebrations. A great day for us girls and we have been planning hard. Very excited about the dress – which designer, which style?!! A few less enthusiastic boys here but even they now have patriotic thoughts of royalty after the King’s Speech!!

Celebrating London and the pageantry of the royal traditions we welcome all our visitors on this historic week. Bunting galore and London is looking lovely. Offers in stores this week. For anyone named William and Kate come to Hide All and claim a 20% discount off any one item. It’s your special week. A wedding week offer of 10%  discount on any single item purchase over £50.00 for the rest of us. Ends Mayday Monday.

London Marathon

Monday, April 11th, 2011


Looking forward to greeting all our marathon regulars this week!

No Hide All marathon runners this year but Action Against Hunger is our charity.


This marathon week we will be selling the Action Against Hunger Jute Bag, with all proceeds going to the charity.


Stocked at both our Greenwich and Tower Bridge stores.


Good Luck to all you runners!

A Lighter Way to Enjoy Evenings

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011





With the clocks leaping forward an hour this past weekend we are enjoying the extra daylight.

So celebrate with us this Wednesday at the Tower Bridge store for a Spring Event from 5pm till 8pm.

We are pleased to announce the Night’s Offers and Promotions!:

With £10 off all single item purchases over £50.

Reduced Radley! – all the Hainault Range.

And the Raffle, Entry for all customers with £20 spend or over.

Prizes Include:


Guaranteed Mother’s Day happiness here we think!

Donations from Radley (Cheadle Medium Tote Bag £179)…



 And Simon Carter (Soft Italian nappa Leather Credit Card Wallet £50).

Elbow at Hide All and The O2

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


We’ve been playing the new album in  both stores and loving it. Only a live rendition of the bands soaring melodies would top the enjoyment.

 That’s exactly where Hide All Head Pauline is going tonight, at Greenwich’s The O2, and somebody’s a tad excited. It could be the rave reviews the performances have been gathering in recent weeks. But we suspect it’s every girls dream to be sung to sweetly by world weathered northerners.