Which colour is yours?

The colours of Saccoo.

The  Toro 87139 in Red £79.


Paras S 87313 in black. A Hide All Red Label bag –  lower price £129 normally £150.


Pista 87280 in Brandy £119:


The Grecco bag 87338 in Tobacco £125.


The Meuermos 87318 Choco £168.


As we patiently wait for summer today we ponder what we like and and what we like best. What we know is that red is best – if you like the colour than the Saccoo red is the one for you. Black is always a seller  for the classic work and day bags whilst the ‘Tobacco’ lovers like the rustic and worn nature of this hide with its totally natural colour. Choco is always the number 1 best selling colour throughout the seasons and throughout the styles and last but not least ‘Brandy’ offers the perfect rich tan for all lovers of classic casual.

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