The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Clueless Londoner that I am, I didn’t realise that the Thames Festival had been running annually for the last 14 years, but apparently, it has. So it’s with quite some excitement that I discover that 10th and 11th September will host the 15th Mayors Thames Festival. I’m sure it’ll be quite an extravaganza, filled with all the vibrancy and diversity which London is famed for, and if I think anything of our Mayor, its that he probably knows how to put on quite a party. I’ll certainly be using my days off to have a nose around (apparently I’ve got 14 neglected years to make up for!)

Tower Bridge is hosting Alfresco Tango throughout Saturday, with lessons in the morning, performances in the afternoon and then DJs and dancing all through the night. I’m sure no less lively will be the various school choirs from across London performing on Sunday.

The parties don’t end there, there’s also a night-time carnival, a parade of boats both old and new and a music stage outside the Tate Modern. One thing that has to be seen is the Barge-Driving Races, in what must be a fantastically slow-pace affair, teams of up to 8 people row 30 ton barges 7 miles down river for about 90 minutes.

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